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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are the houses?

Arizonacanucks have six houses ranging from 30 to 60 minutes south-east of downtown Phoenix and the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. The properties are thirty minutes from the Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport. Find East Hunt Highway and East Lush Vista View for the area of the houses. The area is known as the East Valley (ZIP code - 85132). The houses have Florence addressed but are 15 miles (25 kilometres) away from the town.

  2. How do I pay the deposit?

A bank draft/ money order/certified cheque payable in U.S. dollars written to the owners needs to occur to guarantee rental dates. A confirmation email will be sent to you. The remainder of the rental is due 30 days before first day of booking. Deposit is 50% of rental cost. Cash is acceptable if booking late and there is unsufficient time to mail/wire funds.

3. How much does the golf cost in the area?

All prices include shared cart. You should plan for $35 U.S. to $70 U.S. for most courses in the area providing you play afternoon or early morning. Morning tee times can be expensive in the winter months depending upon where you choose to play. Book on-line for the cheapest prices on sites like or

4. What do I need to bring? Are the houses well-equipped?

Bring your clothes, golf clubs, hiking footwear and personal effects. All houses have bedrooms fully equipped and bathrooms ready to go including towels. Bring your computer to access wireless internet. Bring a printer if you think you will need one. We recommend cell phone access to supplement land line use. Check with your provider as rates can be expensive from Canada depending upon your plan.

5. Is there a phone?

 If you are Canadian, DO NOT just come down and start using your cell phone like usual or you will be facing a big bill when you get back home. An effective way is to buy a phone at Walmart or Target (Net10 as an example) which for $30 provides you 60 days of service and 300 minutes. You can activate on line or through your own purchased cell phone. We recommend NET 10 as we have had that service for three years without any issues. Cricket is another good option. You may want to go to to find out how to use your computer for phone calls or use gchat on google. Some homes have a land line or a magicjack. Please check with arizonacanucks to make sure you know what you have or what you will need. 

6. What about a computer?

All houses have wireless internet but you will need to bring your laptop. The line connections are security-enabled. 

 7. How should I leave the place?

Please ensure the house is left in the same condition as you found it. You are responsible to report any damage and will also be financially responsible for any charges caused by you. If you are renting any of our houses, please realize that these homes are not hotels. We need the cooperation of the renters to ensure kitchens are left clean, the garbage is in the bins, and dirty towels/sheets are in the hampers. Recycling is available in some of the homes.

Please bring indoor shoes or sandals as we ask that all renters keep the "desert" out of these quality rentals. Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation. These are quality rental homes for those who will treat the homes as if they were their own. There is a cleaning fee or that can be waved if the house is left rental ready.

8. How big is the garage? Will my car or truck fit?

The garages are built for cars and regular size vans. A full-size truck will not fit in the garage and will need to be parked on the driveway off the street. Saratoga is the only home that can handle an extended cab. If you bring an extended cab truck, there is no chance that it will fit in the other garages. Garages are approximately 20 feet. Trailers are not allowed on the property and would need to be parked at a local storage facility.

9. Is there a hospital nearby?

The new Florence hospital is five minutes away and has ambulance service, ICU beds, and all the latest medical technology. Go to for more information.

10. While we are renting, we want to look at houses. Do you know a realtor?

Many of our renters have purchased after staying at an arizonacanucks' home. The greatest level of satisfaction has been working with Terry and Joyce Thomas of Desert Sun Realtors. They can be reached at 520-723-5955 or 480 620 5586. They are high performing realtors who know the communities well and pride themselves in quality service. We have personally bought and sold homes with Terry and Joyce with great results! They handled over 90 sales just in our communities.

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