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Location and Directions

The house rentals are located one hour south-east of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport or 30 minutes from Mesa Gateway Airport. Most are located in the Florence area, just south of Queen Creek. For general location, google East Lush Vista View and East Hunt Highway, Florence, AZ 85132. Please note that Saratoga is two miles south of Oasis of Magic Ranch and Larado is approximately 20 minutes north of Magic Ranch.

 From the Sky Harbor Airport (downtown area) take Interstate 10 East (Tuscon) about 25 minutes through downtown to Riggs Road. Take Riggs Road Exit (right ramp)and take immediate left (east) about 20 minutes to Ellesworth Road (dead end). Turn right or south on Ellesworth which continues into East Hunt Highway. Coolidge is approximately 20 minutes drive while Casa Grande is about 35 minutes. Florence would be about 15 minutes.

"A HEADS UP" - Try not to arrive at the airport or drive through downtown Phoenix during rush hour times. Most visitors will not enjoy this experience! If you are flying into Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, you will not be dealing with freeway traffic. Weekend freeway travel, any time of day, is reasonable and usually not an issue. 

Note: Living in the southern part of Canada or the northern part of the United States? Check out Allegiant Air for the closest airport to you. Other than air miles, Allegiant will get you to Phoenix-Mesa in the most inexpensive way. Check rates 3-4 months ahead of your departure for cheapest fares.

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